7 Days: A Challenge

7 Days: A Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to a post a day for 7 days.  Day 1 starts tomorrow.

The challenge I’ve made for myself doesn’t include blogging about anything in particular so the subject of each post can be as random as my brain.  It can even be a hodge podge of subjects.  What they can’t be though are puny, photo heavy, one liner posts.  The point of the challenge is to amp up my writing game and to work my creative muscle…if I even have one.

Practice makes perfect write (pun intended)? I’ve heard and read that the more you write the better you get so I’m going to test it for myself.  I originally thought about challenging myself to a 30 day challenge but I thought I’d start small and work my way up. I’d love, at some point, to write a post a day every day of the year.  A well written, entertaining post.  A post you wouldn’t want to miss.  That’s the goal.

While this challenge is ultimately for my own benefit I’d love to hear encouraging feedback in the comments section.

See you tomorrow!