Day 2

This challenge is challenging! Day 2 and I’m already questioning whether I have enough fresh topics to talk about every day. That’s just my phone talking though. It’s a good thing there’s no such thing as technology abuse or neglect or laws protecting electronic devices. If there were I’d be a fugitive based solely on the condition of my phone!

I’ve had this phone a week longer than I’ve had Lilly and I dare say if it were sentient it would be cowering in fear at the sight of me. The one thing I can say in my defense is that most of the abuse is unintentional (minus the verbal abuse..that is most definitely intentional).

Last Fall I took the Otter case off of the phone because I liked the sleek feel of the phone in my hand. One morning I dropped it face down under the train! I thought it was a goner but it wasn’t on the track itself. So with a bit of trepidation I climbed down and rescued it seconds before the next train came by. The screen was horribly cracked and I felt terrible for marring it’s beauty. It didn’t seem to effect how it worked though. Since then I’ve dropped it many more times sans case. Its uglier than sin now.

Last Sunday I woke up early with a great need to relieve my bladder. My phone willingly accompanied me to provide light so I didn’t have to turn the lights on and risk waking up the kids. From the phone’s point of view the next thing that happened probably felt deliberate. I’ve never taught it to swim so it probably thought I was trying to drown it in the toilet full of pee-water. In reality I was just as horrified as the phone was. With a split second thought for the sanitary conditions I grabbed it and did everything short of CPR to resuscitate it.

I was sure that it wasn’t coming back from that but late in the day it finally came back on. The camera still refuses to work but everything else is functioning.

Can you imagine if that had been Lilly instead of the phone in those situations though?? How quickly I would have been arrested? It makes me wonder about the future. Will we see AI in our lifetime? If we do will they come up with protection laws for technology? Will I be accused of abandonment or neglect if I leave my tablet somewhere. Or don’t use it for a few weeks or :gasp: let the battery run out? It sounds ridiculous but somehow it seems all too possible.

I don’t enjoy using my phone to write. I feel like it kind of inhibits the creativity. But that’s what I’m using to post today and tomorrow. So I just pinched it…cause I can.