Day 3

As most of you know we don’t have a kitchen sink…yet. There are a lot of uses the kitchen sink has that you take for granted until you don’t have one. One of the things you use it for is food disposal when you do your bi-annual refrigerator clean-out. Without the sink you find other ways to accomplish these tasks.

I’ve been washing dishes in the bathtub, draining pasta in the bathroom sink and flushing some of the smaller amounts of leftovers that have gone bad in the toilet. This is how I discovered yesterday that the toilet has a leak.

The milk had gone bad so I dumped it in the toilet. When I flushed it I saw a gush of white water on the floor! Without that milk it probably would have taken a lot longer to figure it out because of where the leak was. So we bought a new toilet and installed it this morning. Yea!

Of course immediately after taking the old toilet out I had to go. I managed to wait until Mercedes woke up and we made it to the convenience store before things got dire.

The new toilet flushes so fast, looks so bright and clean that I almost don’t want anyone to use it. But Jimmy was the first one to break it in although he said he was scared of it at first.

It was a long day even though I’m not sure what exactly we did with the time. I’m ready to hit the sack and wish tomorrow wasn’t Monday!