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Day 4

You learn something new everyday.  Today I learned how to spell “Entrepreneur”.  I wonder how many people say “entrePENeur”?    It’s a French word.  FRENCH.  I speak FRENCH.  Seriously, how many words do you use that are from a different language and you never knew because you learned it as a kid and assumed it was English (or whatever your first language was).  I also speak SPANISH and JAPANESE and PIG LATIN and another form we invented as children and so creatively named CHINESE PIG LATIN. Hong E Long Long O!  5 points if you can translate that – into any real language. (I also should win a gold medal for the mean Chinese Cartwheel I can do)

How many people say boocoo?  Tell me, I wanna know.  Never heard of it?  I’ll use it in a sentence.  “He’s a real sonnofabeach but he’s got boocoo money”  Oh yeah, you say that, you’ve just never seen it written down!  Huh, so that’s how it’s spelled.  Hmph!  NOT! (as my Grandpa says)  BEAUfreakingCOUP is how it’s spelled!  BEAUCOUP.  FRENCH again!  I thought only people that lived in the boondocks said “boocoo” and that it was an illiterate’s word, apparently it’s totally European and swanky.  And I’ve been using since I was in diapers.

But back to EntrePRENeur.   Every empty building I see stirs my entrepreneurial juices and I imagine all sorts of profitable and wildly successful ventures I could start in said building.  There was that Music Store/Café Daniel and I were going to start.  That warehouse that would be a perfectly grungy venue for heavy metal concerts.  That Music Store/Coffee shop which is totally different from the Music Store/Café. That bar with the pool tables and well dressed waitresses, that Mexican restaurant that would be at once inexpensive and Elegant.  Multiple Bed and Breakfasts. Hotels. Drive through Redboxes. Drive through everything. An online handcrafted furniture shop. A mechanic’s garage. A birth center. The list goes on and on.  I do intend to have a business one day but I haven’t quite made up my mind which business it ought to be.

Adelina is the result of another entrepreneur putting it all on the line for the sake of her dream.  Mahli, my cousin!, gathered her courage and all of her available resources and made something happen!  So thrilling to see someone risk everything to live their passion. Makes me want to seize the bull by the horns, throw him over my back and then do whatever you’re supposed to do with the bull after you seize him by the horns.

Mahli makes her Lathers by hand with all natural ingredients and knowing her the way I do I know they’re not only beautifully named and artistically wrapped but are truly exceptional.  I was excited to find out that I have the distinction of being her very first customer!  If you have any entrepreneur in you at all you should visit her site and see what she’s created from her dream.

One day I’ll make up my mind and put everything on the line too. Today I’m living vicariously through Mahli and wishing her all the best and wild success at Adelina