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Day 5


Today I’m sharing a random excerpt from a project I’ve been working on for awhile.  I didn’t write it today but I think it counts because I did write it myself.


He stumbled slightly as his toe caught on a rock.  The gravel was loose here and he shuffled his feet along staring unseeing at the ground.  His mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, bits and pieces bouncing around in random patterns, a cacophony of gibberish that made perfect sense to him.  He waved his arms in grand gestures as he mumbled incoherently; his eyes were unfocused in a glassy glaze.  He laughed raucously and mumbled again.  “48 stones without blue. But how? The grass will never again…no 47 stones without…how will I know? How can I know? She’ll know. No, no no, it is 48 stones.  But the black is so close to the gray and the gray is in the green and I can’t know…I should know.  I should know. I need to know.  48 stones without blue, yes 48.” He threw up a hand in another wild gesture and froze.  He looked at his hand and slowly awareness flooded back into his eyes.  Moving only his head he looked from the right to the left and back again.  Where was he?  What had he been saying?  It seemed so important but he couldn’t remember and why was he here on the side of the road?  How did he get here?  As he looked around again he saw the windmill high on the hill.  How in the hell had he gotten to the Gareth place and where was his car?  He patted his pockets and found his wallet and keys but no phone.  He shook his head to try to clear the last of the haze and started off towards town.  He hoped that he’d find his car and his phone before it became obvious that Holden Meadows was lost.