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Day 7



The lady at the Water-Burger didn’t give me a straw this morning.  I’ll admit that once I realized I didn’t have one I cussed her in Spanish and in English.  Unfortunately I don’t think I know cuss words in French or Japanese and cussing in Pig Latin takes all the fun and ferocity out of it.  “Amn-Day Ou-Yay Endeja-Pay!”  just does NOT satisfy the rage.  I don’t even know how to spell some of the words I said, four-lettered or not.

So here I sit, breakfast long gone, sipping on my Dr Pepper in the Styrofoam cup.  Did you know drinking from a straw can almost be soundless?  True, the ice will shift some and when you get to the bottom there is that awful slurping noise.  But generally speaking you can drink from a straw without even lifting the cup and no one is the wiser.  I don’t have a Eaking-Fray straw today.  Every drink I take is accompanied by ice rattling when the cup tilts and a long ssslllluuurrrrppp (cause the ice wins the race every dang time).  Now everyone in my office knows how thirsty I am.  Gracias Upid-Stay Ady-Lay! 

To change the subject some…

I finished the published books in the Outlander series and can’t wait for the next one to come out.  In the meantime I already finished the new Nora Roberts book that came out Tuesday and started another book yesterday that someone else told me about.  It’s a very light, quick read but even so it’s entertaining and since it was free on Kindle I’ll probably buy and read the next in the series since it’s only $3.  I feel like I’ve been inhaling books lately and thought about all the books I’ve read just since October.  I was curious to know how many I’ve read so I looked in my Kindle to see how many I’ve purchased since Oct 1st and guesstimated on the books loaned to me since then.  The Grand Total is… dun dun dun….. 40!  Well, I want to say between 40-45…I can’t remember exactly how many were loaned to me (a bunch!) so I erred on the side of less.  40 to 45 books in 25 weeks.  Huh.  I knew I had been reading a lot but that number was still surprising.

Everyone always asks me how I find time to read with three little ones at home, working full time, renovating and moving and just everything else I’m doing.  I don’t know.  I just do.  Reading on my phone has changed my world forever though.  I still enjoy holding a book in my hands and reading it but if that was the only way I could read I know I wouldn’t have read nearly that much.  For one thing all of my books would either have food, dirt and who knows what else smeared on the pages.  Or pages would be missing or torn or chewed.  Or the books themselves would be missing, lost in the ether with the missing socks.  And no I don’t have dogs…just three small children.

For another reason it would be strange to see a full grown woman walking down the hall (or walking anywhere for that matter) with her nose in a book.  We all look at our phones though.  So I read with literally every spare minute I have.  When I walk anywhere I read a page or two.  When I sit down for lunch, on my pumping breaks, when my computer is logging on.  I only read at home when I’m cooking dinner for the most part, usually while I’m waiting on something to finish boiling or cooking.  The only other time I read at home is in the middle of the night.  If one of the kids, okay Lilly, won’t sleep I’ll sit up and read my book while I rock them.  Or sometimes I’ll read in bed cause Lilly has woken me up and I can’t go back to sleep.  I read at stop lights and stop signs and wave at people that make rude gestures (if I even notice them).

But somehow I’ve managed to find the time to read 40-45 books in the last 25 weeks.  I haven’t sacrificed time with my kids to do it.  I get my work done at work.  I generally keep up with the work at home but that is never ending so I try not to fret too much about that.  I think it just goes to show that if you want to do something, you’ll do it.  And apparently I’ve really wanted to read.


Well, it’s the end of the challenge, I made it to Day 7!  I’ve posted something every day for 7 days.  I’ll review myself tomorrow and tell you about future challenges.

Thanks for reading!