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I’m totally singing the closing song for Dora The Explorer in my head right now…and every time I think of this challenge.

We Did It!  Yeah, I said “We”.  I’m not sure I’d have started or finished this challenge without knowing there were people reading my words and telling me nice things about how I put the words together.  So now I’m going to review myself and by the end of the post make a decision on future challenges.  You know how accurate self-reviews are (Ha!).  I’d love your feedback too so feel free to say what you thought, what you liked and what I could do better.

What I Learned

The number one thing I learned is that I suck at graphic design.  This is how much I suck:  I had to ask Google “what do you call someone that designs invitations?”  I totally had a brain cloud – I knew the term – I even KNOW a couple of Graphic Designers but I could not remember what you call them.  I was looking for an app or site that would let me make really awesome “Day 1” pictures that were personalized but it’s hard to search for things if you don’t know what they’re called.  I ended up with something that worked out okay but if anyone knows a site or app that a rank amateur can use let me know!

The second thing I learned was I love to write…on a computer.  I don’t enjoy writing by hand because my brain thinks faster than I can write.  I can kinda keep up if I type and can use spell check and BoldItalics and such to emphasize my feelings.  And I really hate writing on my phone.  It’s worse than writing by hand. Any future challenges will not include posting by phone.


I think my favorite post of the challenge was Day 1: The Ode.  That was a real stretch for me and I had so much fun putting it together.  I was proud of the end result knowing that I don’t consider myself a poet.  I enjoyed writing Day 4 and 6 and even 7 would be on the “Like” list.

Which leaves 2, 3 and 5 on the “Dislike” list.  Breaking it down more I don’t even dislike Day 5 so much as it was just a built in “break” from writing. So while I enjoyed writing the excerpt when I actually wrote it…I just didn’t write it during this challenge so I can’t include it in my “Likes”. Days 2 and 3 were written over the weekend and subsequently on my phone and I jsut didn’t feel the creative flow.  Day 3 was the worst!  It was Sunday night and I was exhausted but determined to post something before midnight so I didn’t miss a day.  I posted something alright and it was the biggest give up day of the challenge although it probably was the most trying of all of them.

Ranking from Best to Worst:

Day 1: The Ode
Day 4: Entrepreneurs
Day 6: Moments
Day 7: The Straw
Day 5: An Excerpt
Day 2: Fresh
Day 3: Life

Based on that ranking it doesn’t look like my skills as a writer really improved much  by the end of the challenge.  It almost looks like I went backwards…sorta.  I could take that to mean that I’ve arrived but I’m sure it’s more like I need a longer challenge. I’ll tell you that minus posting on my phone I really enjoyed writing every day.  Sometimes I didn’t know what I would write about until I sat down to write and sometimes I had a seed of an idea germinating.  It’s fun to have a destination in mind and then curve completely off course in a much better but completely unexpected direction.

Future Challenges

I think for now I won’t put myself under any official, public challenge to write a certain amount within a certain time frame.  It’s not that this challenge was that stressful but now that I know I can do it I feel like I’ll enjoy writing more often just because I want to.  My goal, for now, is to write at least 3-5 times a week now giving myself the weekends off.

So that’s my review of myself.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!