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Snippet #1

Lilly is all over the place these days. She’s 10.5 months and I think she’s going to be another scooter. It’s really quite hilarious that I’ve never actually seen her move. I sit her on the floor with some toys and a few minutes later she’s moved across the floor without me even seeing when she did it!! I videoed her last night for 10 minutes trying to figure out how she’s actually moving and I still can’t describe it to you.


Snippet #2

I have possibly the dumbest problem ever in the history of humans.  I walk on my toes. :sigh:  No seriously, I walk on my toes and it’s a problem.  The fourth toe on my right foot lays funky and ends up half under the third toe and gets smashed as I walk.  I’ve smashed it into further deformity and it’s getting a weird flattened, cone-head shape to the bottom of it.  Plus it hurts.

I want to use it to walk on.  Not walk on it.


Snippet #3

Jimmy is convinced Grannie is the only one that can pray for him.  I’ve been praying with him and Joey at bedtime for awhile now and every time I say “…in Jesus name, Amen.”  He fusses at me and tells me that Grannie is the only one that can say that.


Snippet #4

Joey is Jimmy’s amigo, in Spanish.  Joey is Jimmy’s friend, in English.  Lilly is Jimmy’s amiga and friend, in Spanish and English. Grannie is also Jimmy’s friend and amigo.  Joey is not Jimmy’s cousin, Joey is Jimmy’s brudder.  Uncle Daniel, Aunt Stephanie, Emma and Baby Uncle Daniel are Jimmy’s cousins.

He’s almost got it!


Snippet #5

Joey isn’t two years old yet.  How is that possible?  I feel like Joey has been with me for the last five years at least, he’s just always been.  Simultaneously Joey is my baby (boy) and not allowed to grow up.  When he turns two in 2.5 weeks…well…lets just say I’m in denial.  June 1st will never get here and Joey will always be my little (ha!) baby (boy) that isn’t 2 yet but looks like he’s at least 4 and talks like he’s 25.  A really immature, illiterate 25 year old.


Snippet #6

I never decided how many snippets there should be in this post.


Snippet #7

Now that I’ve passed 5 I think I should at least go to 10.


Snippet #8

My boys need a haircut.  I can admit it.  Admitting it doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything about it.  Cutting their hair is irreversible.  It may grow back but it will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be the untouched hairs of their infancy.  Ever.  Joey’s hair is annoying me especially because it’s in the lovely phase of being long enough to hang in his eyes but not long enough to push behind his ears.  So it’s always in his eyes.  He has the most beautiful curls though.  Jimmy’s hair just needs some shape too it.  After a few minutes of playing it ends up looking stringy.  Maybe they’ll get a haircut before school starts…in a few years.


Snippet #9

I think I’ve run out of snippets.


Snippet #10

I love my home.  I’m so happy to be where we are, it’s such a good feeling to be there even though it isn’t finished.  It’s going to be so nice when we are finished and we can sit down and just relax, I really look forward to those days when we can focus on other projects and things we like to do.  But even though we’re not there yet I still have such a great feeling of contentment…in my home and in my family.